CEO Message
YIHO Corporation, founded and established in April 2000 in Manila, Philippines, was primarily engaged in consultancy and trading industry
specifically on Iron & Steel, Non Ferrous items, Electrical items and Chemical products.
Our company engaged its operation in indent business and serve as liaison and linkage between foreign manufacturers and local buyers of steel products.
It fosters and facilitates business partnership between steel trading businesses for over 20 years.

YIHO Corporation specializes in designing and delivering leading-edge Trading consultancy
for the solutions and services that are to provide reliable, flexible and affordable resolutions.
Most of the products and services exemplify significant cost and value to various business requirements of our clients.
YIHO Corporation recommends, designs and delivers the right solution that helps our customers to achieve their goals.

In December 2003, YIHO Corporation Limited Hong Kong was established to primarily engage
in financing and documentation on trading of Iron & Steel and Chemical products.
It is our governing body that is most responsible in creating and promoting financial linkages and investing activities
which include but not limited to obtaining funding, securing proper cash flows that is necessary for our business operations,
and promoting investment opportunities.

Realizing the continuous growth and success of the business, YIHO Corporation Wuxi was then founded in September 2010
with the same items involve such as Iron & Steel, Non Ferrous items, Electric items and Chemical products.
In the same year, YIHO Retail Corporation Seoul Korea was also established.
Our Seoul branch specializes more in retail trading.

As we continue to widen our domain, YIHO Corporation has acquired land and ventured to leasing/rental of an agricultural land
which primarily supports the Hog Farming Industry.
Our affiliates include SGC, with main business activity of Hog Raising and selling of prime quality of pork fatteners, and
another one is Don and Kate Corporation which was established in 2018 and also involved in the management and control of SGC.
By 2020, our company continued to take on another challenge and opportunity in trucking business.
Our trucking business also caters to Agribusiness and provide logistical services for the movement of agri-products mainly Hog feeds.